metering3The Tecnorad approach to energy efficiency is based on rationalizing and optimizing the use of existing facilities, generally unrelated to each other. Often the stratification of different technological solutions and installations over time inevitably leads to wastage translated into higher consumption.
Tecnorad has implemented a monitoring system for measuring and evaluating the consumption of installations, buildings and production sites.
The Tecnorad EMS platform is an intelligent energy management system that enables the monitoring and real-time remote control of energy consumption of an installation-building.

The software captures data from the field, displaying the data updated in real time, historicizing the data minute-by-minute, processing statistical analyses and generating dynamic reports.
It also instantly reports faults or significant events using previously established parameters, issuing immediate notifications with alerts also via email or text message. It enables the rapid diagnosis of the causes, finding the best solutions to reduce consumption and optimize the use of human resources for maintenance activities.
The determination of energy savings requires sufficiently precise measurements and a replicable methodology, all of which is known as the Measurement and Verification Protocol (M&V).