image002EDX is a class operator software, a global leader in the field of radio planning and is used by companies and professionals in over 50 countries worldwide.
Tecnorad has been its exclusive distributor in Italy for over 20 years.
EDX has structured its Signal and SignalPro software solutions, by providing tools for the prediction of broadcast areas, of point-to-point routes and road routes, according to a field of application that can affect any type of radio system operating in the frequency bands between 30 MHz and 100 GHz, both outdoors and indoors.
EDX may use a number of databases in order to improve the accuracy of the studies. One of these is DEM (Digital Elevation Model), Clutter, Building and demographic database.
Detailed 2D and 3D views may include, in addition to the visualization of the study, the land survey, buildings, maps, images and aerial or satellite photos.
In addition the software will integrate with Microsoft Excel and Google Earth and instrumental measurements collected in the field will be imported with subsequent statistical analyses.