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Large buildings, historical buildings and sometimes also modern ones, are often prone to have areas with absent or weak mobile phone signal.
Implementing a DAS (Distributed Antenna System) makes it possible to guarantee, with a single system, coverage increase and to amplify signal for all operators at the same time.
DAS is a telecommunications system consisting of a network of antennas distributed in the specific areas inside the building where there is no coverage. Each of these antennas is connected to a common source through a coaxial cable or the fiber cable that provides radio coverage to different technology services such as GSM, UMTS or LTE.
Starting from the areas surveys and the specific customer needs, Tecnorad realizes a radio coverage study based on the analysis of the radio electrical measurements detected in the field.
Tecnorad releases the final project proposal and the system installation taking into account the physical and structural characteristics of the building in order to guarantee optimal coverage for all operators.